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Pharmacy at the Wave

Pharmacy at the Wave is Brooklyn’s premiere, full-service, pharmacy - offering clients an unmatched level of one-on-one patient care, you won’t find anywhere else! We offer our patrons a wide assortment of prescription options - both brand-name and generic, no matter what your healthcare needs might be! Our team of expert pharmacists and technicians, are well-trained, and experienced to handle a variety of healthcare issues and provide you with the advice you need to better your health today.

Our brand new facility, utilizes the latest in pharmacy technology, to ensure you get the high-level care, that is expected from Pharmacy at the Wave.

Why Choose Us

Pharmacy at the Wave is Brooklyn’s top full-service pharmacy, offering clients a wide assortment of medications - prescription and OTC, as well as retail items to meet your everyday needs. Being independently owned, and operated puts us in a unique position. While many of you might be more familiar with larger, national chain retailers like CVS or Duane Reade, Pharmacy at the Wave offers clients a more personalized, one-to-one approach to dispensing medication and more. When you are a customer at Pharmacy at the Wave, you aren’t just a face in the crowd - you will have the opportunity to build an active relationship with our pharmacists and staff. Taking a more personalized approach to your healthcare, allows us to benefit you in a number of ways - becoming far more familiar with your needs and any special circumstances you might require. This ensures you have a team that not only knows you by your first name, but is able to keep track of health factors like drug interactions, underlying conditions you might suffer from, allergies you might have, and a whole lot more!

When it comes to your healthcare, you want a team that is here to actively take an interest, and guide you through every step of your journey. With Pharmacy at the Wave, our dedication to patient care, fast & responsive customer service, and the close relationships we build with our clients, truly set us apart from the rest. Make the switch today, and make Pharmacy at the Wave your pharmacy of choice!

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Clients Testimonials

Great experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Svetlana Gotlib

It was a pleasant neighborhood feeling, very friendly... definitely my new go to pharmacy. Best of luck!

Sue Licciardello Biondo

Great people, amazing prices, the best service!!!

Angela Podlubny

Thank you, Pharmacy at the Wave, best service! Best pharmacy!

Valeriya Chulyakova

Thank you Mark Shprinzes for being open after Christmas and having my medication in store :)

Diana Sorkin

Great location and super selection. Caring and knowledgeable staff.

Aleksandr Kizhner

Just what the doctor prescribed! Most friendly and resourceful pharmacy in the neighborhood.

Kevin Pokras

Great service and generous hospitality with a wide variety of necessary products.

Jonathan Milman

Excellent pharmacy with professional & friendly service & fair prices!

Michael Nelson

Great service. Good selection of natural remedies and first aid items.

Irina Rimel

Excellent service, they always have my prescription in stock…Highly Recommended!

Roseann Spagnuolo

Very nice, kind and responsive people. Medications are always ready for you, you don’t have to wait long. Free delivery of the medications. Great variety of the products.


The best Pharmacy in the entire world!!! Thank you, Mark, for your help, knowledge and your kindness!!!

Angelina Bondarenko

Pharmacy At The Wave
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